I’m 42 married and have 4 children aged 21 to 4, a farmer’s wife and work part time. I started having problems going to the toilet, I went to Dr after Dr had colonoscopy and was sent home with no answers so thought this was just my body only going to the toilet once or twice a month. I would suffer back pain, tummy bloating and headaches and mood swings. This year I lost my step father & Mother in-law to cancer and my niece’s boyfriend in a car crash all in seven months.

I had 3 sessions and felt taller and went home to the farm with the Udo’s oil and probiotic. A  week later I was back to finish my other session  the fourth went OMG I did not think one could hold so much. I was called home as my mother in law passed away. So 4 weeks later I was back to finish my other 2 sessions, wow I feel great I lost the bloated tummy,  my skin feels clean my moods changed I have a lot of energy and lost 5 kilos in weight. I now go to the toilet more, I am in my third session of 3 , just to keep my colon clean. I have still got a little way to go but I feel so much better. Thanks Georgia, keep up the great work and I love your follow up phone calls of support & help. Finally someone that listens to me and believe I had a problem & that could help again. Thanks