By the time the symptoms were bad enough to realize it was Celiacs Disease, I had already gotten into a fairly bad health state. Vegetable Juice and Fasting had helped but it wasn’t untill I had Hydrotherapy treatment that I realised what it is like to live without the symptoms that had always seemed ‘normal’. The instant relief from chronic sinusitis after one treatment… was amazing. Over time I have experienced a general decline in all symptoms: psoriasis, arthritic, irritability, hot flushes, migraines etc

It is great to have a normal body temperature, the constant heat is gone. My complexion is even turning olive in line with my ancestry… very pleased indeed. For anyone who has had Food Alergies, Skin Conditions, Candida or any GI Tract related problems I cannot recommend colonic hydrotherapy enough and the open water system at the perth colon health wellness clinic makes the experience as modest and comfortable as possible.