In 1994 I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE.  Many have said this was brought on by the strains of a death in my family and living in an abusive marriage, which then led to a messy break up with two young children involved and me not well enough to look after myself or them.  I had no idea what an Auto Immune disease was so I allowed the Doctors to prescribe me some pretty heavy drugs, Plaquenil,  Prednisolone, Methotrextate, I had side effects from these drugs and I took other prescribed drugs to aid the side effects.  I lacked energy, I didn’t eat, I was bed ridden, the doctors provided no general wellness support and I was left to my own devices with some pretty potent medication, mostly having to work out for myself what worked and what didn’t.

I was introduced to natural therapy, after getting my diet and my mineral levels right in my body,  I booked 3 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy recommended by Georgia Sheehan, I also did this in conjunction with the Liver and Gall Bladder Flush.  The results were amazing and everyone has noticed the difference in me.  I have not had to go back onto any prescribed medication, my symptoms have reduced to the point of not requiring any medication and I have hardly any pain.