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Perth Colon Health

Perth Colon Health & Wellness Centre provides exceptional customer care and service. Our mission is to enhance the lives of those we meet by providing the highest quality treatments and services to assist all our valued clients achieve a long, happy and healthy life.

The Perth Colon Health and Wellness Centre is a place where people come to improve the quality of their life through detoxing the body, detoxing the mind, and supporting people to reconnect to them selves.

Located conveniently in Bedford, Perth, Western Australia.

The Perth Colon Health & Wellness Centre is the first clinic in Perth to operate the Libbe System (open system)


Alina Judge

Colon Hyrdotherapist, Alpha Shape technician, Demartini Method Facilitator specialising in the mind-body connection

I have a keen interest in helping people to achieve their greatest result through health & wellness. I am an advocate of natural therapies and look forward to encouraging you on your journey.

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Perth Colon Health & Wellness Centre 177 Grand Promenade, Bedford WA  6052

Call: 0452 642 639
Email: wellness@perthcolonhealth.com

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1229 SE Nehalem, Portland, OR 97202
Call: 503 230 9260
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Perth Colon Health & Wellness Centre, Maylands 6051