Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna warms the body in the same manner as natural sunlight. FIR heat therapy uses the wavelength of the visible and non-visible light spectrum of sunlight that heats the body normally. Traditional saunas raise the temperature of the air to a very high level within the chamber to warm the body. Some people have difficulty breathing in this extremely warm air.

FIR saunas work differently. Instead of heating the air within the enclosure, FIR Sauna’s heat the body directly. The result is deeper tissue penetration. In the FIR sauna, the body perspires and receives all of the healthy benefits but avoids the harmful and extreme hot air of a traditional steam sauna, the infrared heater produces radiant energy, which is the same as the heat from the sun, only without the harmful ultraviolet rays.

FIR saunas are safe for all ages. Traditional saunas are more likely to spread and cultivate bacteria in the humid air, therefore an infrared sauna creates a more sanitary environment.

Far Infrared Saunas v Traditional Saunas
  • Traditional saunas usually operate at an average temperature between 90 and 105 degrees Celsius.
  • The average temperature in an infrared sauna ranges from about 40 to 60 degrees Celsius. An infrared sauna warms the body in the same manner as natural sunlight.
  • We’re talking about an air temperature difference of 30 to 40 degrees or so.
  • For people who find the air in the sauna intolerable, this is a huge benefit.
  • Far Infrared Saunas are safer, no hot surfaces, no high temperatures.


  • Saunas in general are good for detoxification, but a far infrared sauna may have deeper tissue cleansing effects.
  • Far Infrared radiant energy penetrates the skin about one and a half inches deep.
  • This penetration is probably the reason many people report sweating sooner and heavier compared to a traditional sauna. The heavier sweating most likely means that more waste material is expelled.

Energy and Toxins

  • Toxins come from a variety of places – contaminated air, crops sprayed with pesticides and herbicides and water, to name a few.
  • Toxic gases and substances that we are all continually exposed to reportedly become encapsulated in water molecules within the body.
  • The bad news for you and me is that when these toxins accumulated, blood circulation and cellular energy are impaired.
  • Infrared heat causes these water molecules to vibrate. The vibrations cause the water molecules to break down, resulting in a release of toxic gases and other toxic materials. Sweating plays a vital role in helping you maintain good health. It helps your body perform two tasks: It helps regulate body temperature and it helps your body rid itself of toxins.

What are the Health Benefits?

  • Improves Cardiovascular System. The Far Infrared Sauna increases heart rate and blood circulation, crucial to maintaining your health. The heart rate increases as more blood flow is diverted from the inner organs towards the extremities of the skin, without heightening blood pressure.
  • Strengthens Immune System. The sauna’s deep penetrating heat raises your body temperature inducing an artificial fever. As your body works to fight the fever, your body’s immune system is strengthened and with the elimination of toxins and waste your body’s resistance is increased.
  • Detoxifies and Removes Toxins from the Body. Far infrared helps detoxify your body by removing accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals and chemicals.
  • Assists in Weight Control and Removing Cellulite. Clears unsightly cellulite and breaks down the lumps of fat, water and toxins trapped in pockets beneath the skin. Burns calories and helps control weight. As you relax you can burn up to 60 calories in a 30 minute session.
  • Improves Skin Tone. Skin tone is improved with 3 times more perspiration and increased blood circulation that expels deeply imbedded impurities and dead skin cells while drawing out nutrients to the skin surface for improved skin tone, elasticity, texture and colour. It has been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, lesions and cuts.
  • Relieves Pain from Arthritis, Sprains, Strains and Overworked Muscles. The sauna’s deep penetrating heat dilates blood vessels bringing relief and healing to muscles and soft tissue injuries which delivers oxygen rich blood to joints and muscles. Muscles and joints relax more readily for greater flexibility and range of motion and heal faster when they are warm.
  • Reduces Swelling and Inflammation by Improving the Flow of the Lymph System.
  • Stimulates Cellular and Enzyme Activity.
  • Provides Immense Relaxation. The most immediate and noticeable effect is tremendous relaxation. Relaxation alone can have a profound impact on your health. Read, listen to music....relax.
The Sauna Experience

Sauna’s are safe for most people when a few simple rules are followed.

  • Don’t remain inside the sauna for longer than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Rest sitting for 5-10 minutes after the sauna to allow for elimination of dead cells and debris.
  • Drink plenty of mineralised water before entering the sauna and after.
  • Make sure you move your bowels regularly since the sauna assists in elimination.
  • Pay attention to how you feel and leave the sauna if you feel unwell even before 30 minutes are up.
  • Those with chronic conditions, especially multiple sclerosis, hyperthyroidism, hypertension or serious heart conditions, should consult a doctor before use.

Part of an Integrated Health Program

The results are much better when sauna detoxification is part of an integrated health program. Add extra sea salt or kelp granules to your diet to replace minerals lost through sweat. Eat natural and organic when possible. Get adequate rest and sleep and exercise each day. Breathe deeply clean, fresh air. Reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals. Create and maintain a positive environment.

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Infrared Sauna Benefits:
On the other hand, hyperthermia generated by infrared saunas or other heat sources (like traditional saunas) may kill or weaken tumor cells.[4] Tumor cells, with a disorganized and compact vascular structure, have difficulty dissipating heat. Hyperthermia may therefore cause cancerous cells to undergo apoptosis in direct response to applied heat, while healthy tissues can more easily maintain a normal temperature. Even if the cancerous cells do not die outright, they may become more susceptible to ionizing radiation therapy or to certain chemotherapy drugs, which may allow such therapy to be given in smaller doses.

A study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis showed a reduction in pain, stiffness and fatigue during infrared sauna therapy, but since results from the study "did not reach statistical significance" [2] a causal relationship between infrared sauna therapy and positive health benefits does not exist with certainty.

Another benefit claim is that since saunas increase perspiration, they purportedly liberate undisclosed "toxins." Saunas have been recommended for this ostensible reason to people who are told they have high levels of "toxicity" in their body, although the supposed, offending toxins are rarely identified. Saunas may be useful to those who cannot sweat from exercise due to their health problems, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

"I have made the infrared sauna a regular part of my health regime. 3 years ago I was bitten by a red back spider whilst gardening which left me with episodes of chronic fatigue, body aches and nausea (I later called these episodes my “spider days”).

I heard that using an infrared sauna could detox the poison out of me as it works deep underneath the skin (unlike regular saunas which heats the surrounding air first) so I went on a course of 4 weekly half hour sessions for a month. I was amazed at how incredibly clear headed and pain free I felt at last and I had so much stamina and even the bullseye scar vanished that the spider had left.

At first I was worried that a sauna would leave me feeling dizzy and incoherent as I have low blood pressure but the heat is so gentle and safe that even heart patients can use it with no adverse reaction, you would think people with congestive heart failure would be the last people on earth you would want to put in a sauna!! I now use the infrared sauna twice a month and have noticed my skin tone improve and it eliminates period back pain and cramps. I whole heartedly recommend this type of sauna."

~ Deena

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