Alpha Shape Body Contouring
Fat Loss – Body Reshaping / Non Surgical Face Lifts

Scientifically and clinically proven body contouring treatment that effectively and safely reduces unsightly fat deposits and cellulite in men and women. Imagine having similar results to liposuction without surgery and with skin tightening as a bonus! Non surgical fat removal and body contouring.

Up to 12cm of fat loss from the first treatment. No side effects, no anaesthesia, no down time natural ‘walk in and walk out’ treatment.

Alpha Shape 
$149 Introductory offer! Then only $199 per session
for either Body Reshaping (RRP $250 - SAVE $51) or
Non Surgical Facelift (RRP $300 - SAVE $101)
Enquire for package deals.

Remove Stubborn Fat

A healthy lifestyle alone does not always give you the body shape you would like. Even with diet and exercise, problem areas such as the abdomen, flanks (love handles), and outer thighs (saddle bags), may remain unchanged because weight loss does not target a specific area of your body. We all have unwanted fat deposits or cellulite that will not go away, even with adequate diet and exercise. Alpha Shape is a new procedure that uses ultrasound and radio frequency to melt away stubborn fat. This is not something for those that have a lot of weight to lose though. For the most part, it helps with stubborn fat on the stomach, thighs and the flanks (aka the love handles). If you have been dieting and working out but you just cannot seem to get those last five kilos off and you have unsightly fat deposits that won’t go away, you may want to look into Alpha Shape.

Alpha Shape is a state-of-the-art-non-invasive body contouring solution. This system utilises a safe and effective biocavitation ultrasound and radiofrequency technology which breaks down unwanted fat deposits and cellulite, resulting in a slimmer body shape and smoother skin. The fat that has become ‘disturbed’ has to have somewhere to go. The body will take care of this on its own. It will carry this out as if the fat was a toxin and it will be processed by the kidneys. The kidneys and liver normally flush out and process the fat that comes from the foods that you eat, and it will see this type of fat as the very same thing.

The Alpha Shape solution, developed by a medical community, is based on a technological breakthrough using ultrasound waves and RF, which are designed to selectively break down fat cells without affecting neighbouring tissues. Immediately following treatment, the body’s natural processes clear away the disrupted fat cells. Because the Alpha Shape treatment requires no anaesthesia, it is free of the complications associated with surgery and no pain or discomfort is report by patients during or after treatment.

Fat cells are problematic. Fat cells are dispersed unevenly throughout the body, and their distribution differs from person to person. Some people have a greater number of fat cells around the waist and hips, while others have more around their thighs. This is why body shapes vary so much and why so many of us are likely to gain weight in ‘all the wrong places’. Alpha Shape can change our contours by reducing the number of fat cells in a problem area.

Alpha Shape performs non-invasive body contouring reducing localised fat deposits and body circumference without surgery or injections.

Alpha Shape uses safe, effective, focussed ultrasound and RF technology to selectively break down unwanted fat deposits in a targeted body area. Pulses of focused ultrasonic energy disrupt fat cells membranes, releasing their contents into the lymphatic system where they are then safely cleared by the bodies natural metabolic processes. Destroyed, Alpha Shape fat cells are gone forever!

Alpha Shape Body Contouring:
  • Non-invasive body contouring;
  • Reduction of localised fat deposits and cellulite without surgery, anaesthesia, incisions or injections.
  • High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) and Radiofrequency (RF) is a clinically proven body contouring solution to combine a totally non-invasive treatment with durable measurable results.


Selectively and safely targets fat cells and cellulite with no damage to the skin, nerves and blood vessels. Safe clearance of lyses fat cells via the body’s natural physiological and metabolic pathways.


Clinically proven results which are observable and measurable. Multiple treatments deliver incremental circumference reduction.


The treatment is painless. No anaesthesia or sedation is required. There is no downtime after the procedures.


Compared to other forms of treatment for fat reduction, Alpha Shape is an effective and affordable alternative with no downtime.


  • Painless procedure;
  • No needs or surgery;
  • No bleeding;
  • No reaction to chemicals;
  • No downtime;
  • Visible measurable improvement each session;
  • Fat removed naturally;
  • No infection;
  • No risks;
  • No risk of scarring
The ultrasonic waves and RF emulsify or liquefy the fat. Ultrasonic waves actually target fat cells specifically causing them to ‘implode’ and liquefy. The ultrasonic technique also makes difficult fibrous areas easier to treat than traditional methods. These fibrous areas include the male breast, upper abdomen and fatty deposits on the back.

Traditional liposuction causes more tissue trauma and bruising than ultrasonic techniques due to the tissue destruction necessary to manually break up the fat. Ultrasonic emulsifies fat without damaging adjacent tissues. Wavy areas of fat that are sometimes side effects of traditional liposuction are minimized by ultrasonic liposuction. Ultrasonic techniques preserve skin retraction and contraction. Because ultrasound is so precise, this means smooth and even contouring is more achievable.

The Alpha Shape is an all-in-one amazing machine with results that speak for themselves. No machine regroups such a number of high quality features. It works by combinations of two technologies ((High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and Radiofrequency (RF)). Designed as a simple ‘walk-in, walk-out’ solution performed in a cosmetic clinic, the treatments involve no downtime, and no recovery time. The safe and effective procedure can treat multiple areas such as abdomen, love handles, bra straps, angel wings, saddle bags, buttocks, knees and thighs. During the treatments, the fat cells membranes are disrupted. The fat cell content, primarily comprised of triglycerides, is dispersed into the fluid between the cells and then transported through the vascular and lymphatic system to the kidney and liver. The liver makes no distinction between fat coming from the Ultrasonic Contour procedure and fat originating from consumed food. Both are processed via the body’s natural mechanisms and are removed from the body in the form of bile in the stools and urine. Following a treatment, patients can immediately resume their daily routines. Treatment session times range between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the size and number of areas treated. The number of treatments required ultimately depends on the amount of fat or cellulite to be treated.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Therapeutic ultrasounds have been used in medicine for decades in pregnancy physiotherapy. Ultrasounds have been used after in beauty therapy to improve blood flow. HIFU are much different that the regular ultrasound mentioned above, by being very high in energy. In fact, they are so high in energy that they can make the target cells (fat cells or adiposities are Alpha Shape targets) literally explode. HIFU works by make fat cells vibrate so much that they hit each other and eventually collapse. The only targets are fat cells 12mm below the skin surface therefore surrounding tissues are not affected. The fat released and cellular residues are then naturally processed by the body (liver and lymphatic system) and are eliminated through urine.

Radiofrequency (RF)

RF is when electricity is used over a certain frequency. The RF selected to be used in Alpha Shape has the ability to create a deep warmth in the tissues treated that could reach up to 60 degrees. The temperature achieve is INTERNAL heat you can sense by touching the treated area and feel that it comes from beneath the skin. The skin even though immediately in contact with RF tip is not directly affected. However its absorption will be increased allowing active ingredients to penetrate deeper and achieve maximum results. RF targets specific structures and goes through the skin and organs without affecting them. In body areas, this results in skin tightening and slimming by liquefying and melting fat as well as collagen within the skin and inducing new collagen formation. RF is one of the best treatments for face and body shaping and is the ONLY non-surgical and medically proven alternative to face-lift and liposuction.

Suction Massage

Vacuum suction is used to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage of the area treated.

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